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Maggie Bishop, Mystery and Romance Author

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Welcome to the world of Appalachian adventure and diversions, the real and the imaginary, fact and fiction.  I hope you enjoy exploring this website full of characters (both illusionary and living), vacation settings, outdoor sports you've tried or would like to try, and nature.

Triplett valley in the North Carolina Appalachians
Triplett Valley, Appalachian Mtns near Boone, NC

Adventure in the Appalachians begins with a hike, downhill skiing, a trail ride on horseback and using a rope to climb a cliff and involves mystery and romance. Parts of these stories are true and parts are pure fiction. As you read these adventures, decide which episodes you wish would happen to you.

One Shot too Many by Maggie Bishop


Audio narrated by Norma Guerra-Steuber



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Perfect for Framing by Maggie Bishop



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