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Maggie Bishop, Mystery and Romance Author


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Reader Chats & Write Now! Work Sessions

Maggie Bishop, Sharyn McCrumb & Judith Geary

Chestnut Creek School of the Arts, Galax, VA

Maggie is available to give her Write Now! Workshops,  Reader Chats and to serve as a panelist.  She will speak to book groups, schools and libraries within 3 hours of Boone, NC.  Talks in other states can also be arranged.

Intense sessions provide direction and tools for better writing.  Writers use their own work for exercises.  For those beginning a story or memoir, the workshops generate ideas; for those finishing a draft, this is an opportunity to strengthen a story.

Workshops available for Writers:

Write Now! The 5 Cs of Mystery

Writers use their own mystery for the writing exercises on Character, Crime, Conflict, Conundrum and Climax.  

Write Now! Get Started, Get Organized and Get Going on Novel/Memoir

Session offers a plan to write and a method to keep organized.  The “get going” part of the work session provides direction and tools for writing a better memoir or novel.  Memories are family treasures.

Write Now! Character Creation

* The Who, the What, the When, and the Why

Write Now! Plot Your Novel 

•Session offers direction and tools for plotting a novel.  

On Stage! Booksignings

*In-person book signings are still an important promotional tool for the published author. Complete these sentences:

Book signings are more fun than ________
People stop by my book signing table because I ________
If you aren't satisfied with your sales at book signings ...
If you are facing your first book signing ...
Maggie Bishop is available to conduct a one to two hour interactive workshop on Book Signings with two or more writing exercises.  It covers the following: 
* What to do before the signing
* What to do during a signing
* Follow up to a signing
* What not to do

Promotion! for Authors

This  session introduces Internet Promotions, Events, Traditional Media, Book Signings, Craft Fairs and Reader Chats.  A handout is offered for easy reference.

Begin that Novel or Memoir Workshop (2 hrs)

by Maggie Bishop

Consider this workshop a roadmap to your voyage of discovery. That’s what a first draft is - discovery. I’ll give you directions, stops to play and visit and re-fueling stations. Eco friendly and fuel efficient, all you need is desire, pen, paper and a sense of anticipation for what you are creating.

Have you been exploring the idea of writing a memoir or a novel?  Maybe you've written some notes or gathered some photos or pulled out your scrapbook.  Your life interrupted the momentum and the project seems too big.  This is the time and place to begin.  This 2-hour workshop will help you get organized and actually sketch out a plot for the novel or memoir.

Training Manager with Danskin for 2 years.
Training Manager with Milliken & Company for 5 years.

Past Years' Speaking Engagements 

Blue Ridge Bookfest, Hendersonville, NC, 2010 Begin Novel/Memoir workshop

Chestnut Creek School of the Arts, Galax, VA, 2010 Begin Novel workshop

Blue Ridge Writers Conference,  Blairsville, GA, 2009, Begin Novel, Mystery & Promotion workshops
Western Carolina Center, Cove Creek, NC, 2009, Memoir workshop
Mill Ridge Book Club, Foscoe, NC, 2009, Reader Chat
Boone Worthwhile Women's Club, Boone, NC, 2008
TACC9 Television, Kinston, NC, 2008
Carolina Romance Writers, Charlotte, NC,  On Stage! Book Signing Workshop, 2007
Sylva Book Fair, Sylva, NC, 2007, Reader Chat
Cove Creek Middle School, Vilas, NC, 2007, Reader Chat
Independence Library, Independence, VA, 2007, Reader Chat
Malice Domestic, Arlington, VA, 2007, Mystery Panel
May We Write Conference, Blowing Rock, NC, 2007, 2008
Cape Fear Crime Festival, Wilmington, NC, 2006, Mystery Panel
Galax Book Fair, Galax, Virginia, 2006 Villian Workshop; 2009 Reader Chat
High Country Writers, Boone, NC, 2006,  On Stage! Book Signing Workshop
Caldwell Book Fair, Lenoir, NC, 2005, Reader Chat
Jamestown Book Fair, Jamestown, NC, 2005, 2008, Reader Chat
Waynesville Book Fair, Waynesville, NC, 2005, 2006, Reader Chat
Johnson City Newcomers Club, Johnson City, TN, 2005, Reader Chat
East Tennessee Book Fair,  Johnson City, TN, 2004, Reader Chat
Appalachian Regional Writers Series, Jones House, Boone, NC, 2003, 2005, Reader Chat
Lees McRae College Book Fair, Banner Elk, NC, 2003, 2004, Reader Chat

The Baseball of Writers by Maggie Bishop

Baseball has the pee-wee, little, high school, college, the single-double-triple A leagues and then the major leagues. Then there is also the unofficial leagues of writing.

The Writers' Pee-wee Leagues are those that think about writing and doodle on occasion.

The Little Leaguers attend writer group meeting and an occasional conference but still don't do much actual writing.

High Schoolers actually write scenes or outline non-fiction books.

College Leaguers have manuscripts critiqued.

Single A Leaguers send out query letters, synopsis and manuscripts.

Double A Leaguers survive the rejection letters and self-publish.

Triple A Leaguers are published by a small press.

The Major Leaguers are picked up by the major publishers.

The World Series winners reach the Best Seller Lists.

Where are you in the Writing Leagues?

Comments from workshop participants: 
"The workshop on Writing a Memoir was thoroughly prepared, organized, and delivered by an experienced author, complete with handout, outline, and lined space for several in-class writing assignments.  She is comfortable and delightful and answers questions directly and thoroughly."  Stewart R. Roberts, Jr., M.D.
"I do workshops and you did great!! Good introduction as we watched what came out of your bag. Great exercises. Good helpful information for newcomers and established writers."
"Couldn't be better! Great interaction. Great enthusiasm."
"Very good mix of active and lecture. Good introduction, good activity, great handout."
"Voice quality, energy, eye contact great. Extremely well done and very practical."
"Audience participation is a great idea!"

Reader Chat comment:
"On behalf of the Mill Ridge Book Club, I want to thank you.  We all enjoyed meeting you and hearing more about the background of the writing process.  It was very interesting.  I've heard many positive comments since our last get together."  Mirian Walker

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