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Maggie Bishop, Mystery and Romance Author

What readers say

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I met you at The Book Depot in Vernon Park Mall in Kinston, NC. I
bought three of your books, Perfect for Framing, Murder at Blue Falls,
and Emeralds in the Snow (my personal favorite). I now intend on
purchasing Appalachian Paradise! I read all three in one week! I
couldn't put them down. I have told everyone who will listen about your
books. I think you rival Nicholas Sparks, whom I previously thought
could not be rivaled. I like to visualize my characters and scenery and
you did that for me. I have these characters embedded in my thoughts,
from looks to expressions. Thank you for that. And thank you for
stopping me so I could buy your books.

Your new fan,

Sheri Lynn Williams
Deep Run, NC

Maggie, I met you at the Todd General Store a few weeks ago and purchased Emerald in the Snow, Murder at Blue Falls and Perfect for Framing.  The were absolutely wonderful!!  I couldn’t put them down!!  It was neat reading books that were placed around many places I had been!!  I loved Jemma & Tucker’s adventures in Murder at Blue Falls and couldn’t wait to get to Perfect for Framing.  Keep up the great writing!!  Can hardly wait for an new one to come out!!!!

          Donna P Gibson, Mount Holly, NC

I recently finished you books. Enjoyed them very much. I read them in a week. It was a joy to meet you at the Valle Crucis Country Fair on Oct 17th. Can't wait for more. I like Jemma.
I am going to be on the lookout for the Gros store on 194 next time we visit.
I have never skiied or visited a dude ranch. But your stories make them so tempting.
 My husband attended App State, we have visited Boone for 38 years. My daughter just graduated in May. It always feel like home when we visit.
My son loves to play golf in the high country and every year they cut down their own Christmas Tree,  Excp this year the tree farm is not letting anyone cut their own this year. That just messes up the whole trip. Our favorite place to eat is Woodlands BBQ on 321 at Blowing Rock. Its a habit of ours to come up some weekend without any plans just to eat  BBQ.                      Lynda Wi

I just wanted to email you and tell you that I loved your new book!!   I couldn't put Perfect for Framing down and I couldn't figure out who the killer was.  I can't wait until your next book!!!
Thanks for writing something that was great to read!!
I am so glad that I met my friend in Boone several years ago and that we went into the store that you were there signing books.  I bought two of your books and I went to your web site to keep up with your work.  I love reading your books!!!
Thanks again for a great book!!
Becky Pearson

Maggie... I was so excited to receive one of your first copies of Perfect for Framing!  I have enjoyed all of your books in this series and finished it the same day I started it!  Your mysteries are interesting and definitely end with a surprise each time!  I love reading your books also because I live in the Boone area you write about and recognize most of the locations and many of the people you mention.  I can't wait for your next book to see what Jemma and Tucker will uncover next!  God bless... Denise Amat, Boone, NC

It took only a couple of days to finish Perfect for Framing.  This is your best book yet.  It was very hard to put down until I finished it.  Only one thing wrong, it isn't long enough.  It was terrific and I couldn't guess the killer.
                --Mary Markle, Cerritos, California

I just finished reading Perfect for Framing and you are really talented, gifted, or just plain smart.  You're so descriptive I felt I could build cabinets and loved the lipstick in a tube.  That's what I liked so much in the first book.  I felt I learned about flowers and the mountains.
          --JoAnne Shampoe, California

A friend bought me three of your books Saturday and I've already read one and have started the next one. I love to read but had never read your books and am so happy to "discover" you! I live in Kingsport Tn so we are often in the Boone area on day trips. Your books are fun to read and I'm captured at the beginning. My friend, Mary, saw you at Barnes & Noble and you were kind enough to autograph the books to me. I am recuperating from surgery so the books are welcome new friends. I look forward to reading anything else by you in the future!
Phoebe Overbay

Thank you for sending me an autographed copy of your most recent novel, Murder at Blue Falls.  What a treat to read!  Now I know why you were selected as one of the 100 (incredible ECU women)!  Hope you finish the sequel soon.
  --Deborah Hooper, WFMY News 2, Greensboro, NC

   I forgot to tell you that I really enjoyed Appalachian Paradise!  I finished it over Thanksgiving and started Murder at Blue Falls.  I haven't gotten far because I am pooped after school and loades with work, but I look forward to finishing it.  I have been writing down examples of descriptive elaboration from your books.  They have been very excited about them, and they help so much!   So far their favorites are the description of a huge oak tree that Suzanne and Wes find, and the road in the valley as a ribbon on a green patchwork.

I just wanted to thank you again for coming to talk with my class.  We really enjoyed your visit, and you really hit many points that I have been  trying to make.  You also explained some things that I had not thought of.  I loved what you said about the character and thinking about them.

The kids and I have brought up your name many times already and I am sure  that we will be thinking of you many more times.

Thank you so much for being so generous with your time. 
   -- Lynn Gordon, Cove Creek School (4th & 5th grade teacher)

My daughter and I went to the Apple Barn Festival at Valle Crucis several weeks ago.  We purchased three of your books and I was so amazed.  My mom who is also an avid reader had one of your books read before who went to sleep that night.  I really love books that I can relate to, as far as the surroundings.  They made me feel like I was right there in the book looking on.  I hope you write more of the same. 
Can't wait to read more.  Keep up the good work.
                  -- Michelle Gooding, Mount Olive, NC

Reading Murder at Blue Falls changed the way we eat grits.  We did use butter or red-eye gravy.  Now we add cheese.
                              Richard Evans, Tempe, AZ

The ending of Murder At Blue Falls, begs for more from Jemma and Tucker.  You've baited the hook, now we your readers want more.  I really like the way you build depth into your character relationships.  Modern entertainment tends to be so shallow, a medium which allows one to get totally emotionally invested, if only for a little while, as part of a successfull intimate relationship that survives lifes trials is invaluable. Yes I am very passionate about a good read..for I cherish my spare time so much.  I have found this in your writings...please do this with Jemma and Tucker
With all due repect, I found the pictures distracting.  I love best the pictures my mind begins to paint in response to your words.  This is where the magic is...freeing the reader to get lost in his/her own imaginary world guided by your masterful wording.....without any real world intrustions. 
With greatest respect and admiration for your skill,
                          Pamela Miller Hillman, Ashe County Native, NC

Just had to write to tell you how very much I enjoyed your writings.  I had the pleasure of meeting you while you were autographing your books at the Crafts Market in Boone this past Christmas season.  The name of the mall escapes me at this moment.  That middle age ailment of "CRS" disease strikes more and more often.

I began with reading "Emeralds in the Snow" and thought that was such an entertaining read, I wasn't sure I wanted to move on to "Appalachian Paradise". (I was afraid I might be disappointed)  WOW!  I did not want the book to end...I fell in love with your characters.  I want to move in to Wes's home and work from his office. You really know how to pull on the heartstrings of a displaced native of Ashe County.

I also applaud your ability to tastefully involve the reader in the physical portrayal of love.  Thank you for leading me as a reader to remembering such powerful stirrings of the heart and flesh without degrading the act.

I wish you the greatest of success.  I so look forward to your next novel!!

Thank you again,
Your now "loyal" Fan,
Pam Hillman

I just wanted to let you know that I read your book, Murder at Blue Falls, and I loved it!!  I had met you last year in October in Boone, NC.  I was in town visiting a friend and you were signing books.  I bought Emeralds in the Snow and I loved that one.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your books.
Thanks and keep up the great work!!!
                                -- Becky Pearson
Maggie, I just read EMERALDS IN THE SNOW and did a review on it at Romance Junkies Reviews. I loved it so much that I bought another book by you off your web site. My mother is reading it also and she loves it. I told her I had APPALACHIAN PARADISE coming and she is excited. She is 76 years old and loves to read so I buy books for her to read. I can't wait to get the book. I think it is the first one to Emerald. I know I will not be disappointed.   I hope you bring out more books in the future so I can review them also.
Thank you for writing such great books.
           Hugs Terri, Colfax, Indiana 
After having spent a week in the mountains around Boone, I brought my three Maggie Bishop books home and found myself back on vacation in the mountains with each book. I love how the characters keep popping up in each book. They have become a part of my life and I am anxious to read book four to see how my "friends" in North Carolina have made out in their lives.
Thanks again
Roberta DePiero, Key West, Florida

Last Sunday 2 house guests and I were having brunch on my deck.  Anne from Bethel, Alaska said "Dottie, have you ever heard of a Maggie Bishop?"  That started quite a conversation.  She said you came up to her in the Mall Saturday and she ended up having a conversation and buying 2 of your books.  She read one Saturday night and wanted to finish Emerald in the Snow that evening before leaving because she had you inscribe her aunt's name.  Anne enjoyed both books very much.
Connie, the aunt, took me out to lunch Thursday.  She is an avid reader with stacks of books by her side at all times.  She found both books very entertaining with suspense and believable characters.   She really enjoyed them, also, and asked if I knew when your next one was coming out.  You HIT THE JACKPOT  with the series.
                            -- Dottie Isbell, Florida 

I met you at the Boone Mall this past weekend.  It was such a great pleasure to meet the author of some of the best books I've read in a long time.
                --  A Raleigh fan, Sandee Zechman

About Murder at Blue Falls
I read your book immediately and enjoyed it immensely!  Keep writing -- I love what you write!
               --Mickey Norman, Linclnton, Georgia

Just read your book Murder at Blue Falls.  It kept my attention until the end, (and I have a low attention span)!!!
This was the first book I have read of yours, and am looking forward to reading more.  Thanks for the good, clean entertainment.
Carol Melton
West Jefferson, N.C.

 I finished Blue Falls a month ago and just have to tell you how much I truly enjoyed it!  At least half the books I read I find a bit tedious, I finish them only because I started them, not because they hold my interest.  Blue Falls kept my interest, so much that I found myself thinking about it in the middle of the work day and wondering what would happen next and speculating about other aspects of the lives of the characters.  I love the way you worked some real people into the story as well: I could just picture them all racing about Triplett on horseback, solving crimes, dining out, telling stories, fighting fires.
Brava!  YOU ARE GOOD!!!!  --Linda Jencson, Boone, NC

Wow, I am so impressed.  Your web site is just as exciting as your books.  I told your mother, and a character in your new book,  yesterday that once I started reading your book I have a hard time putting it down.  It is wonderful and so suspenseful.  Thank you so much for the book and bumper sticker.  My husband said I cannot put it on the bumper but I can put it on the back window of the van.  Easier to see anyway.  We wish you the best of luck and thank you again for all three of your books.
                                                               ---Mary Markle, California

About Emeralds in the Snow

During a recent weekend excursion to the NC Mountains, my daughter Hayley and I met you at the Emporium in Boone. You were kind enough to sign a copy of Emeralds in the Snow for us. I finished the book today and wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how much I enjoyed the story. I found myself envisioning the beauty of the greater Boone area and the plot encouraged me to read "just one more chapter" each time I picked up the book.  The intertwining of the character's heritage and families was excellent. You definitely have fan in this reader and I can't wait to read another one of your books. 
Thanks for taking the time to talk to both me and Hayley. Take care and keep our e-mail handy to let us know when new publications are available.
Warm regards,
Debbie Anders

     I could feel the chill of the steep slopes but the hot chocolate at Lucky's and the fire were so was so easy to mentally snuggle as Emerald did.  I reluctantly started reading, not being keen on romances, but I soon took to it and got engrossed...until I finished it.  You've succeeded in making your heros attractive and their doings so inviting.  Your rugged Apalachians and your rugged people - whose reality I had no idea, a name on an atlas remains so vague - they have really come to life to me.
                 --Francoise Billiotte, Pont-Levey, France
      I couldn’t put it down!! I have to admit to you that this is the first book that I have read from cover to cover in the past 10 years!!! (I have a short attention span.) It was captivating; I felt like I was right there with Em and Lucky. The way you describe the surroundings made me feel like I could truly SEE the mountains and feel the crisp air on my cheeks in all the outdoor scenes. I will be ordering Appalachian Paradise later this week.
      BRAVO!! Thank you so much! Will there be a sequel to Emeralds in the Snow?
--Caren M. Schriver, York, PA

"I appreciate your writing!"  Sherry Norris of the Mountain Times 
Best book I've ever read!
     --Roy Rouse, Newland, NC
  Emeralds in the Snow was the perfect escape from the daily grind. A perfect combination of romance and murder mystery, the book kept me reading for hours. The author's expert description of the Appalachian region added to the vividly depicted characters and the twisting storyline. I can't wait for the third installment!
              -- Jennifer Maranki, MD, Philadelphia, PA
    I finished the book. It was very, very good and I plan to re-read it. I kept reading fast to finish the story. This time I'll relax my way through it.
     It must be wonderful to create something. There's nothing like a good murder to cheer you up when you're blue.
            - Joane Shampoe, Ventura, California
     I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't put it down. Write another one, quick!
        - Julia Condit, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
     I loved getting to know Lucky and Emerald.  As always with good characters, they are now a part of my experience. Great story, great sense of place. Made me want to learn to ski! I devoured it in one day.
                  --Grace Wakeman, Boone,  NC
     Late last night I closed Emeralds in the Snow and just sat awhile thinking about those two who had become my friends during the late morning, afternoon and night. I was honestly about to pray for their future happiness when I realized they were fiction. You are such an interesting writer, your knowledge of the area, descriptions, understanding and describing people and places overwhelms me. Hurry with the next one.
                    --Virginia Greene, Boone, NC
 Just wanted to tell you that I read your book - and loved it. It was hard to put it down. I don't see how you get all that dialogue right for the characters, and you do great descriptions. But the main thing is that you set the stage and it's hard to put the book down until you reach the last page. That's the only problem. I get frustrated when I get interrupted! Oh well - it was a very good read!! Now I can get back to cleaning house, etc.etc.
    It's fun to read stories that are set right here in our own area. Have you begun work on another volume?
I'm always amazed at people who can put good mystery novels together. Novel writing is not my talent at all!!
Anyway - you do good work.
        Best regards,

About Appalachian Paradise

My name is Steve Smoot. We have not met, but my wife Beth says she knows you from Grace Lutheran Church. I just read your book "Appalachian Paradise". I must say it was exciting. Makes me wish I was more like Wes, and a bit younger, too. Keep up the good work.
                        -- Steve, Boone, North Carolina

     I loved the characters for I've known some of each kind as a teacher for 47 years. Your descriptions were so vivid that I saw tiny details and felt the reactions of the characters.
                -Virginia Greene, Boone, North Carolina
     It was such a happy ending type story that I really, really enjoyed it. I got up at 2 AM  and finished the story.
                 -Mary Wilkins, Jacksonville, North Carolina
     As a math teacher I'm very realistic in thought so I marvel at your ability to write in such a creative way!  I'm anxious to read your (next) book.
                --Mickey Norman, Lincolnton, Georgia

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