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Murder at Blue Falls, FREE chapter of novel by Maggie Bishop, presents fun, fiction, facts

Detective Tucker

"The last thing we need is help from a CSI wannabe!"


Murder doesn't happen often in the mountains. Arson, bodily injury, larceny, and fraud are the crimes I deal with most often. People around here would rather get even and see you suffer than let you out of it with a quick death.
I've been in law enforcement in Watauga County for fifteen years and enjoy helping the victims find justice. I like nosing into details to figure out the why and how of a crime.


My partner and I have been together for over a decade. He's got a good wife and thinks I should have one, too. Why is it that married people all think being unattached is the same as being lonely? My job is my life.
That Jemma's been busy as the bees at Tony Wilson's place. He's the husband of Jane, the local story teller that performs at Blue Falls Ranch each week. I have to keep an eye on Jemma. Someone who kills one time won't hesitate to do it again.