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Tucker Family Tree

Jemma's not sure what to make of all the Tucker cousins roaming around!

Tucker Family Tree
Edna Avery marries
Billy Bowers (Suzanne's father)
  Weston Avery
Daniel Avery &   Della Avery & Krista Stewart
Effie Tucker Rodney Avery &     Bobby Stewart
  Beula Richardson Carolina Avery & KevinHampton
      Clinton Hampton
  Mary Avery & Alicia Greene
       Conrad Greene
  Harley Tucker marries
  Lynette Graham (Emerald's mother)
Olin Tucker &  
Walter Tucker Cora Fountain  
& Ella Triplett    
    Lucky Tucker
  Russel Tucker & Reba Tucker & John-Michael
  Evelyn Martin David Garland LaurieGarland
  Silence Deanne       Tucker
  Christopher Tucker
  Daniel Tucker
  Walter Tucker & Hazel Hartwell Clayton Tucker
Bobby Tucker &    
Rosa Coffey    
Garnett Tucker & Cindy Wayne Grady Tucker

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