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Appalachian Adventures FREE chapters. Author Maggie Bishop presents fun, fiction and facts.

Perfect for Framing
Ride Horses in Murder at Blue Falls
Downhill Ski in Emeralds in the Snow
Backpack in Appalachian Paradise
About The Cousins
Tucker Family Tree
Little Known Adventures

Appalachian Adventure novels by Maggie Bishop

Appalachian Adventures are a mix of fiction and fact. Let these novels give you an experience of the North Carolina mountains you'll never forget.
The Start:  Murder at Blue Falls
And Then:  Perfect for Framing
Now: One Shot Too Many (2011) 

Emeralds in the Snow 
Appalachian Paradise

One Shot Too Many by Maggie Bishop

Maggie Bishop is the author of a mystery series, Appalachian Adventure Mysteries, and two romance novels set in the Mountains of North Carolina in the Boone area. "I started with romance and have turned to murder." 
      All novels published by Ingalls Publishing Group and are available in paperback and in all ebook formats. 
      One Shot Too Many (2011 mystery) features Detective Tucker with yesterday's regret haunts, leading to today's deadly fix
. Perfect for Framing by Maggie Bishop, mysteryIn Perfect for Framing, trouble's a-brewing in the Property Owners Association where greed and a lust for power lead to murder in a clash of personal versus public needs. Returning for a second suspense-filled mystery, Jemma Chase and Detective Tucker find themselves embroiled in a Property Owners Association power struggle. When a break-in escalates to murder, Tucker finds suspects aplenty from POA president Petula Windsor’s files, leading him to suspect the victim of blackmail. Tucker tries to keep Jemma’s interest at bay, but when the president’s husband is found dead and Tucker’s life is jeopardized, Jemma won’t be stopped until she finds the murderer. “Fun, fast paced read with lots of local flavor … will keep you quickly turning pages” Our State Magazine ISBN:  9781932158847  Perfect for Framing (An Appalachian Adventure Mystery) paperback on Amazon,  Available on Kindle 
 Murder at Blue Falls by Maggie Bishop, mysteryMurder at Blue Falls Ride the trails…Arson and murder disturb the Appalachian peace of the Triplett Valley’s Blue Falls Dude Ranch. Jemma Chase, daughter of the ranch owners and trail-ride leader, becomes involved when her horse finds a body.  Being an amateur SCI is fun until her meddling puts her life in danger.  Detective Tucker’s suspicions disturb and annoy Jemma, but in the end he becomes the answer to her prayers. “Must have, must read” -- Christy T French, Midwest Book Review ISBN:9781932158755  Amazon paperback  Murder at Blue Falls: The horse found the body. Murder at Blue Falls, the Horse Found the Body (Appalachian Adventure Mysteries) Kindle Emeralds in the Snow by Maggie Bishop, mystery, romanceEmeralds in the Snow involves skiing at Sugar Mountain, an emerald mine, and a cold case murder.  Downhill ski … Emerald Graham and Lucky Tucker are an unlikely pair. She, accustomed to a life of privilege in which everything’s a bit of a game, including her teaching career. He, who has not let his life of struggle keep him from giving to his family, his community and the skiers he rescues on Sugar Mountain. Yet they seem to be finding an uneasy bliss when a treasure hunt and an old murder mystery threatened all they value.  “Fun, fast read … characters who shape the world around them and readers enjoy … look forward to her next one.” JC Walkup, Smoky Mountain News ISBN:  1932158561 Amazon paperback Emeralds in the Snow On Kindle Emeralds in the Snow (Appalachian Adventure)
Appalachian Paradise by Maggie Bishop, romance, adventureAward winning Appalachian Paradise Backpack and hike …Athletic career woman meets good-ole-boy for a five-day backpacking trek in the rugged North Carolina mountains. Appalachian born West triggers Suzanne’s resentment and her desire amongst boars, bears and Girl Scouts. Suzanne’s burdens lighten as Wes’ easy charm helps her see the hope and allure of spring flowers, love and forgiveness.  “Gets off to a good start and maintains an exciting tension…A good part of Bishop’s success is the set-up she’s engineered.”  Rob Neufeld, Asheville Citizen-Times ISBN:  0971304564 $9.95  Amazon paperback  Appalachian Paradise (Appalachian Adventure) Kindle $7.99 Appalachian Paradise Also available in other e-book formats. Meow Means Me! Now! by Maggie Bishop, giftMaggie's fun book,  Meow Means Me! Now! is a rhyming feline allegory with poetry and photos. This gift book is a departure from her novels but sprang from her love of cats . Think Dr. Suess meets Marley & Me. ISBN 1595130039  Amazon Meow Means Me! Now! and Kindle Meow Means Me! Now!

Mountains, adventures, skiing, hiking, horse back riding, murder, mystery and romance are included in the Appalachian Adventures.  Swoosh down on skis on a snow covered mountain along with ASU professor Emerald Graham in a ski adventure involving a treasure hunt and a cold case mysteryBackpack into the dense forests of the Appalachian mountains with Suzanne and feel those muscles twinge from over- use.  Lead a trail ride to a spectacular waterfall tucked into the mountains with Jemma Chase as she tries to figure out the mystery of who is poisoning the dogs in her valley.

Paperback books are available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and other internet sites, this website and of course, Independent Booksellers.  Ebook editions available in all formats, Nook, Kindle, Smashwords, etc.

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Author Maggie Bishop selected in 2007 as one of 100 Incredible ECU Women!

"I bought three of your books, Perfect for Framing, Murder at Blue Falls,
and Emeralds in the Snow (my personal favorite). I now intend on
purchasing Appalachian Paradise! I read all three in one week! I
couldn't put them down. I have told everyone who will listen about your
books. I think you rival Nicholas Sparks, whom I previously thought
could not be rivaled. I like to visualize my characters and scenery and
you did that for me. I have these characters embedded in my thoughts,
from looks to expressions. Thank you for that.

Your new fan,

Sheri Lynn Williams"

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Published by High Country Publishers, Ingalls Publishing Group

Copyright 2002-2011 Maggie Bishop, Appalachian Adventures, Boone, North Carolina