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Appalachian Adventures FREE chapters. Author Maggie Bishop presents fun, fiction and facts.

Ride Horses in Murder at Blue Falls

Perfect for Framing
Ride Horses in Murder at Blue Falls
Downhill Ski in Emeralds in the Snow
Backpack in Appalachian Paradise
About The Cousins
Tucker Family Tree
Little Known Adventures
Put yourself on horseback investigating a murder as a CSI wannabe by reading Murder at Blue Falls, the Horse Found the Body in the Appalachian Adventures series of novels.

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Ferrier Joe White didn't do it!
Detective Tucker hates investigating anything involving cruelty to animals. When events in a valley near Boone become more ugly by the day, he intensifies his search for the criminals.
The last thing he needs is "help" from one of his suspects.


Murder at Blue Falls
Jemma Chase leads trail rides for her parents at Blue Falls Ranch in the mountains of North Carolina. Tranquility is shattered when someone poisons the dogs in the valley, sets fire to a trailer, then murders a man. Is one person responsible for all these events? Are they unrelated and just happen to occur within a few days of each other?
Jemma feels threatened when questioned by detectives and resolves to solve the crimes herself. After all, CSI is her favorite television show.
$12 ISBN  1932158758