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Appalachian Adventures FREE chapters. Author Maggie Bishop presents fun, fiction and facts.

Downhill Ski in Emeralds in the Snow

Perfect for Framing
Ride Horses in Murder at Blue Falls
Downhill Ski in Emeralds in the Snow
Backpack in Appalachian Paradise
About The Cousins
Tucker Family Tree
Little Known Adventures

Emerald Graham and Lucky Tucker are an unlikely pair. She, accustomed to a life of privilege in which everything's a bit of a game, including her teaching career. He, who has not let his life of struggle keep him from giving to his family, his community and the skiers he rescues on Sugar Mountain. Yet they seem to be finding an uneasy bliss when a treasure hunt and an old murder mystery threaten all they value.

Emeralds in the Snow by Maggie Bishop

Feel the wind in your face as you race down on skis on Sugar Mountain's slopes. High step with Emerald through the woods during a snow storm. Bark with Hambone as his owner shows up after a long day.
"Maggie Bishop brings a vast knowledge of the Appalachian region...displays the unique ability to draw the reader into each setting with vivid descriptions, to the point that the reader feels part of the scene...well-paced, the characters deftly drawn, the chemistry...searing, and the romantic story teasing enough to leave the reader anxiously waiting for 'the moment'."
--Christy Tillery French, Midwest Book Review

Lucky calling Hambone

Few better ways to spend a snowy day. A wonderful Mountain Beach book.
-- Carolina Mountain Living

Searching for treasure was not in anyone's agenda. The trip was merely an excuse to be together.

This novel is set in and around Boone, home of Appalachian State University, and Banner Elk, home of Lees-McRae College.