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Maggie has retired and no longer conducts workshops.

The Baseball of Writers by Maggie Bishop

Baseball has the pee-wee, little, high school, college, the single-double-triple A leagues and then the major leagues. Then there is also the unofficial leagues of writing.

The Writers' Pee-wee Leagues are those that think about writing and doodle on occasion.

The Little Leaguers attend writer group meeting and an occasional conference but still don't do much actual writing.

High Schoolers actually write scenes or outline non-fiction books.

College Leaguers have manuscripts critiqued.

Single A Leaguers send out query letters, synopsis and manuscripts.

Double A Leaguers survive the rejection letters and self-publish.

Triple A Leaguers are published by a small press.

The Major Leaguers are picked up by the major publishers.

The World Series winners reach the Best Seller Lists.

Where are you in the Writing Leagues?